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0161 304 5695

Come to the leaders in Self Storage in Manchester Check out our options and tips.

Student Storage Manchester

We know we have the lowest prices, along with the best and most efficient service compared to any of our rivals. We provide storage solutions for students living in all the halls within Manchester and any private / student residences.

How It Works:


Call one of our student storage experts on 0161 304 5695 to order your storage and discuss your requirements and needs. At this point you can advise when you need your items collecting.


On the agreed collection date we will give you a call on the mobile number you have provided approximately 1 hour before we arrive to make sure you are ready and at your property. Please ensure you have your boxes ready from 8:30am on the day of collection, as we could arrive at any time after this but as stated will call first.


When we collect your items you need to pay in full, either with cash or over the phone with a debit or credit card.


And relax!
Your items are now safely in our secure storage centre. We will then call you at the end of your storage period to arrange re-delivery dates for your items. Your belongings will be re-delivered to the address you provide in time for the start of term to ensure you will not be without your possessions.

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Call us now 0161 304 5695 to book your collection

Call us now
0161 304 5695 to book your collection

FREE cardboard storage boxes

Get Unlimited number
of FREE cardboard
storage boxes

We collect your furniture, boxes, bags

We collect your furniture, boxes, bags & suitcases & bring to our storage centre

we return your belongings to your home

After your vacation, we return your belongings to your residence

Check these student storage deals

1-10 items £97

11-20 items £127

21-30 items £167

31-40 items £199

41-50 items £249

over 50 items, Call

This includes collection, storage for summer & return delivery
Each item can be a student storage box, bag, holdall, suitcase, black bin liner, bicycle, small item of furniture, ironing board, clothes rack etc.

Student Storage Manchester provides self storage for hundreds of students all over the local area from several universities and colleges including:

  • University Of Manchester
  • Manchester Business School
  • Manchester Computer Science
  • Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Royal College Of Music
  • University Of Salford

Reasons To Choose
Cheap Student Storage Manchester:

  • Massive student storage discounts – The cheapest around!
  • FREE Collection service within a 60 mile radius
  • FREE packaging and boxes for all students
  • No deposit required
  • Flexible term storage – For as little or as long as you need
  • Friendly professional advice
  • Wide range of storage unit sizes to suit your needs


Use student storage temporarily

You may want to store winter and summer clothes, or items that you will need for university during the holidays. Because Student Storage Manchester rent units by the week, it is easy to store certain items temporarily only during the time when you will not be using those belongings.

Make the most of storage to keep safe the items you may not need now but will do later

Student Storage Manchester is the ideal place to store items that you use in your spare time for things such as hobbies or sporting interests you have, but do not have space in your halls or student accommodation to store them. Whilst in halls of residence space is often tight so self storage can also be the perfect solution to store furniture and pictures which you may not require whilst you are at University but will want when you move back home.

Use storage to hold university work and files which you do not need to refer to regularly

Self storage units are a great place to store old coursework and projects which you may need to refer to at a later date but don’t have the space to keep them in your dorms. Using a storage centre is perfect for art students who have large canvases they need to keep safe.

Use a self storage unit to keep safe valuable personal possessions

Self storage units are 100% safe and secure and can offer you a securer storage option than in your shared student accommodation.